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When broadly dividing commerce into food-related products, soft goods (clothing and fashion-related products), and hard goods (housing-related products), the Shimamura Group conducts business in soft goods, a field in which sensitivity increases together with the enrichment of the lifestyle culture. We have operated advanced businesses in the field of soft goods by utilizing the human resources and structural assets that we have accumulated since our founding.

The Shimamura Group believes that technological innovation and diversity in the retail industry are the foundation for creating richness in society and lifestyle culture. We have created a unique system based on low-cost operations at each stage of store opening, purchasing, distribution, and sales. Furthermore, we believe that management which respects human beings is the basis for achieving all our goals. Therefore, we have been working for a long time to cultivate our employees into outstanding human resources and to build trust with suppliers.

While continuing to promote these efforts, the Shimamura Group will further refine our level of product appeal which combines our strengths of high sensitivity, high quality, and low price. We will also enhance our sales power for achieving high profits. We continue to contribute to the improvement of consumer life and lifestyle culture through commerce by working to further develop our business.

Business model

Business activities

The Shimamura Group operates 6 businesses that sell soft goods in Japan and Taiwan.

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