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Society is placing importance on the activities of companies which emphasize sustainability. Against this background, we established policies and structures for sustainability in FY2021. We consider ESG issues to be initiatives to achieve our management plan. We have again set material issues to create the basis and foundation of Shimamura-style sustainability activities.

We started our "Medium-Term Management Plan 2027: The Next Challenge (Pursuing Further Growth)" in this fiscal year. We will continue to promote Shimamura-style sustainability activities to solve the social issues of the environment, society and governance through our business based on the foundations we built in our Medium-Term Management Plan 2024.

We engage in environmentally-friendly business activities for the environment. These activities include reducing waste by recycling and reuse, developing sustainable products and reducing CO2 emissions.

We are aiming to continue developing and growing together with our customers, business partners and communities while promoting the creation of an environment where our employees can work comfortably and with satisfaction for society.

We are aiming to further increase the trust and credibility placed in us by all our stakeholders, achieve continuous business growth and improve our medium- to long-term corporate value by strengthening our governance structure, enhancing dialogue with shareholders and investors and thoroughly implementing risk management for governance.

The Shimamura Group will contribute to sustainability activities over the entire fashion industry by promoting sustainable Shimamura-style sustainability activities through our core business and becoming a good company for all of our stakeholders.

April, 2024

SHIMAMURA Co. ,Ltd. President and Representative Director