Initiatives for customers ―
Provide a wide range of products
with high sensitivity, high quality, and low price

The Shimamura Group will improve the environment at our stores so that customers can enjoy a comfortable shopping experience and always find what they are looking for. We will provide products with high sensitivity, high quality, and low price which make daily life fun and exciting.

Provide Shimamura prices for peace of mind

The Shimamura Group provides customers with quality products at low prices. To realize these prices, the basis of our management is to thoroughly implement highly efficient and low-cost operations. Accordingly, we have built a unique system to achieve low-cost operation throughout all processes of store openings, purchasing, distribution, and sales.

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Establish stores where shopping is fun

The Shimamura Group always aims to provide an extensive lineup of trendy products, hot products, and regular products, so that customers will always find what they need while enjoying a fun and exciting shopping experience at every time they visit our stores. Furthermore, in order to create a comfortable self-service environment and allow customers to enjoy shopping to their heart's content, each employee strives to greet customers and smile when providing customer service and at the check-out.

Provide high quality and safety

Quality standards
The Shimamura Group establishes and operates our own quality standards based on public standards such as JIS. We ensure awareness for the standards by presenting them to suppliers when starting business transactions or when the standards are revised. This enables us to perform quality management and safety management at a high level.
Product inspection
The products sold by the Shimamura Group are inspected by a public inspection agency before delivery to confirm their quality and safety.
In addition, we ensure that our PB (private brand) products meet our quality standards by conducting product inspections via our Product Management Department, which is a specialized department. We also have a factory certification system that maintains the high quality of PB products by confirming production at outstanding factories. Even after the delivery of products, the Product Management Department periodically samples and inspects products on the sales floor in order to improve quality and safety.

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a system to certify PB factories

Acquisition of TES (Textiles Evaluation Specialist) certification
TES was created based on the announcement by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (currently, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) in 1981, and is a certification that recognizes basic knowledge and applied skills in quality control of textile products. By having the Merchandise Management Department employees who oversee the product quality control obtain this certification, we provide our customers with high quality and safe products.
Number of pualified employees as of February 2024:42peple.

Create a store environment that makes shopping easy

At new stores and renovated stores, the Shimamura Group supports barrier-free access through measures such as installing parking lots for people with disabilities and multifunctional toilets. We have also opened a directly-managed online store for use by customers who have difficulty visiting brick-and-mortar stores during business hours, customers who have difficulty leaving home due to caring for small children, etc.

Establish a system for stable supply of clothing

As a regional clothing infrastructure, we have constructed a dominant store network of over 2,200 stores and a proprietary distribution network to support those stores. This enables us to stably supply products throughout Japan. Additionally, we have established systems for business continuity. In the event of a disaster or emergency, we will continue to operate stores as much as possible to support life in the community.

Install a toll-free number

Staff at the Product Management Department use a toll-free number to respond directly to inquiries and requests from customers in regards to quality. This mechanism ensures appropriate answers even to highly-specialized questions. Furthermore, we have established a mechanism in which stores directly contact the Product Management Department in regards to opinions about products received from customers at the store, which allows for smooth response to customers.