Initiatives for business partners ―
Engage in long-term relationships
based on mutual faith and trust

We shall aim for long-term growth together on the premise of fair transactions based on mutual faith and trust.
In addition, we shall build a sustainable supply chain based on consideration for the environment and respect for human beings across the entire supply chain.

Engage in fair transactions
based on mutual faith and trust

The Shimamura Group constantly strives to safely and stably provide valuable products to our customers at low prices.
Therefore, after ensuring that suppliers understand our philosophy and management policy, we engage in fair transactions with our suppliers. This leads to prosperity for both the Shimamura Group and our suppliers.

Shimamura transaction standards (Excerpt) PDF

Quality maintenance and improvement

Our suppliers and the Shimamura Group shall look to maintain and improve quality in accordance with the Shimamura Quality Regulations so that customers can purchase products with peace of mind and then use them with satisfaction.
Our suppliers and the Shimamura Group shall periodically hold meetings to improve quality. We shall then take quality improvement measures by sharing information on defective products and on complaints and inquiries from customers.
Moreover, as countermeasures against problems, we have developed a structure in which it is possible to share information with all suppliers in addition to the supplier which caused a problem by publishing information monthly on the Internet.

・Response to hazardous materials
  • Formaldehyde: Suppliers deliver their products to us after confirming that their products meet regulatory standards on the inclusion of formaldehyde, and that they passed the tests by official laboratories. For PB products, we have adopted the system in which Merchandise Management Department staff double-check the test results. In addition, the Merchandise Management Department conducts on-site evaluation during audit at the PB production factories to confirm that formalin environmental inspections are conducted.
  • Azo compounds: To certify that products are free of regulated azo compounds, suppliers submit the "Non-use Declaration" to us every year. For PB products, all factories submit the "Non-use Declaration" and the "Inclusion Test Report" to us every year.

Respect human rights and comply with supplier CoC

  • The Shimamura Group purchases almost all of the products it sells from its suppliers and does not own our own factories or manufacture products, but we recognize that respect for human rights throughout our supply chain is an important ESG issue. Therefore, in 2019, we enacted the Shimamura Supplier Code of Conduct (CoC), and we are working to respect human rights in our supply chain in cooperation with our suppliers based on that.
    Shimamura Supplier CoC PDF
  • We engage in transactions with all our suppliers upon explaining the Shimamura Supplier CoC to them and receiving a declaration of compliance with the Shimamura Supplier CoC from them.
    We use at timely these briefing sessions to explain our basic approach to consideration for human rights and the environment, the specific factory check methods to be conducted by suppliers to comply with the CoC, and other matters.
  • Staff from our Merchandise Management Department have been confirming the working environment of employees in actual factories while implementing a system to certify PB factories. We are now creating a structure in which our suppliers can also take appropriate initiatives for respecting human rights in our supply chain with our company and our suppliers sharing the various pieces of expertise we have accumulated in briefing sessions and at other opportunities.

    See details of a CoC compliance structure

A system to certify PB factories

  • The Shimamura Group sells products with selected materials, functions and quality as private brand (PB) products. Approximately 20% of the products we handle in the business of Shimamura are PB products.
    We outsource the production of our PB products to overseas factories through our suppliers and the Import Department. In order to ensure quality, we have adopted a Factory Certification System in which our employees review and evaluate those factories in advance. We currently produce PB products in approximately 450 certified factories mainly in China and Southeast Asia.
  • The staff from our Merchandise Management Department responsible for quality control visit factories in order to certify PB product production factories to confirm the production control of those factories. In addition, they confirm the status of compliance with action guidelines such as the working environment and human rights of our employees.
  • PDCA cycle of the system to certify PB factories
  • PB factory review results (new certification + certification continuation)
    Evaluation Contents
    Pass S An excellent factory that has established an organized control structure
    A A factory with overall proper control despite some findings
    B A standard factory which performs basic control despite findings
    Need re-examination C A factory that has room for improvement with guidance despite the fact its control structure is insufficient
    Fail D A factory with an insufficient control structure and which is considered difficult to make improvements with guidance

    ※During the period when on-site audits could not be conducted due to the Corona earthquake, remote audits were conducted to check the status of the plant and appropriate improvements were made.
    ※We resumed local factory inspections from FY2023.

Shimamura Sustainability Award

  • The Shimamura Sustainability Award is an award program aiming to recognize suppliers who make a high level of contribution to our sustainability activities. This award program is an important initiative as it aims to improve the motivation of suppliers with respect to our sustainability activities by sharing outstanding efforts across the entire Shimamura Group and all our suppliers. This will also lead to the future development of Shimamura's sustainability activities.
  • The Shimamura Sustainability Award consists of three categories: Sustainability Procurement, Environmentally-friendly Resources, and Environmentally-friendly Facilities and Logistics. We recognized five companies with this award in FY2023.

Winner of the first Sustainability

<Sustainability Procurement>

  • FIBER HEAT socks
    • Award Winning Company :Okamoto Corporation.
    • Contents: Development of functional socks made with recycled polyester and evaluation in terms of CSR in a PB production factory certification inspection
    • ・We have developed functional socks made with recycled polyester in our PB "CLOSSHI." We have sold approximately 3 million pairs of these socks in total.
    • ・All five factories passed the PB production factory certification inspection and multiple factories (two factories) received an "S" rating. Furthermore, we rated all five factories with an "A" rating in terms of CSR aspects whichcorrespond to the sustainability field.
  • Uraji Attaka Pants
    • Award Winning Company :un.deux Co.,Ltd.
    • Contents :Initiative to develop products for Standard 100 certified by OEKO-TEX®.
    • ・We worked to develop Suhada Suzuyaka Pants, Uraji Attaka Pants and Shimadeni products for Standard 100 certified by OEKO-TEX®. We have sold a total of approximately 1.5 million of these products in total.
    • *STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Proof of the world's highest standard for safe textile products which have passed analytical tests on over 350 harmful substances.
  • An example of a mount hook
    • Award Winning Company :Daito Industries, Inc.
    • Contents : Our efforts for non-use of plastics and contribution to the supply of our sustainable auxiliary materials
    • ・We worked to reduce plastics by switching to paper hooks, etc. We reduced the amount of plastics we use by 57.5% compared to the previous fiscal year.
    • ・We have obtained FSC certification for our mounts, and contributed to the supply of sustainable auxiliary materials.
    • *FSC certification: A program which certifies products made under sustainable forest management for the environment and society

<Environmentally-friendly Resources>

  • Award Winning Company :Nippon Copack Inc.
  • Contents :Contribution to recycling activities for our delivery fittings
  • ・We promoted complete recycling of hangers. We increased the number of recycled hangers by 111.0% compared to the previous fiscal year.
  • ・We contributed to an expansion in resource recycling by building a new flow for plastic recycling in which we recycle shopping bags into small delivery bags and collect and recycle plastics for product deliveries.
Small delivery bag
Vinyl for product delivery

<Environmentally-friendly Facilities and Logistics>

EV Trucks
  • Contents :S LINE GIFU C,LTD.
  • Contents :Contribution to the introduction of electric trucks.
  • ・We introduced three 2-ton electric trucks to deliver products to our stores at the Tokyo Depot we opened on January 21, 2022.
  • ・We introduced two 4-ton electric trucks for delivery for each of the transfer centers in Okegawa and Inuyama in FY2023.
  • ・We plan to introduce two 4-ton electric trucks for delivery for the transfer center in Higashimatsuyama in FY2024.