Long-Term and Medium-Term Management Plan

Long-Term Management Plan 2030


Under the ethos of becoming a "good company" for all stakeholders, the Shimamura Group contributes to the stability and improvement of consumer life as a social infrastructure that stably supplies clothing, which is a daily necessity, to local customers.
Moreover, we aim to realize a sustainable society by creating value for all stakeholders through our initiatives to solve ESG issues.
Based on this basic policy, we formulated the "Long-Term Management Plan 2030" as a growth strategy toward the term ending February 2030, in order to achieve long-term and continuous growth.

Medium-Term Management Plan 2027

Basic Policy

"The Next Challenge (Pursuing Further Growth)"

Use the foundation as a platform to leverage the creativity and ingenuity of employees across all businesses and departments to take on a variety of challenges.

To realize our long-term vision, we have formulated a new Medium-Term Management Plan spanning from FY2024 to FY2027.
We will harness the creativity and ingenuity of our employees to build upon the strengths of the Shimamura Group.
We will expand our scale of operations by driving up performance in existing stores and making active efforts to open new stores, while conducting efficient operations to increase profitability.