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Bringing WAKUWAKU (excitement)
to everyday life

The Shimamura Group operates general clothing chain stores throughout Japan and in Taiwan. Our management philosophy is to improve the level of daily fashion and to raise the lifestyle culture of Japanese people. We do this by playing a role as social infrastructure in clothing sales and also by selling high-sensitive, high-quality and reasonably-priced products with a peace of mind.

We currently operate six businesses in Japan and overseas, including our mainstay Fashion Center Shimamura business, with 2,200 stores, as well as our own online store. Many customers visit our stores every day and enjoy shopping there. Thank you very much for your continued patronage.

Last year, COVID-19 that had raged until then has been converged, and the Japanese economy has regained its vitality as the global economy moves toward normalcy. With the recovery of human flows, events were held as usual in various regions, and consumer activities, including travel, eating out, and tourism, have returned to the situation before the coronary disaster. On the other hand, price hikes are continuing due to soaring raw material, labor, and transportation costs, as well as the impact of foreign exchange rates. If wage increases that exceed price hikes cannot be implemented this spring, there is concern that rising energy and food prices will weigh heavily on household budgets and curb consumption.

Under these circumstances, we have set the basic policy of our new medium-term management plan, which started this fiscal year, as "The Next Challenge: Pursuing Further Growth" and each and every employee will take on various challenges with their own originality and ingenuity to promote the growth of existing store performance and the expansion of business scale through aggressive store openings to further strengthen the strengths of the Shimamura Group. This year, the first year of our medium-term management plan, we have adopted the unifying theme of "The Next Challenge 1st: Changing the Obvious" and will change the way we think about everything that has been the obvious up to now. We will take on new challenges in all departments, including product creation, sales floor presentation, organization, human resource development, systems, and site development.

We will continue to push forward with our work under the slogan of "delivering WAKUWAKU (excitement) of finding the perfect item" so that we can meet the expectations of all our stakeholders in the future.

April, 2024

SHIMAMURA Co. ,Ltd. President and Representative Director