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Our mission is
to build a "good company."

The Shimamura Group operates chain stores that sell clothing. Our basic policy is to provide high-quality clothing for daily use to customers at low prices which offer peace of mind. We believe that improving the level of daily fashion will enrich the lifestyle culture of Japanese people. Based on this belief, we have opened stores throughout Japan in areas close to the daily life of our customers.

The novel coronavirus pandemic, which has run rampant over the whole world since the year before last, continues to have a massive impact in Japan and overseas. I would like to express my sympathies to those who have suffered from this disease. At the same time, I would like to express my deepest respect and to state my sincere gratitude to medical professionals in fighting novel coronavirus and other essential workers on the front lines. We, the Shimamura Group, believe that our top priority is the health and safety of all our customers, employees and other related parties. Under this belief, we are continuing to take measures to prevent novel coronavirus.
The world situation is now changing day-by-day. Against this backdrop, changes in lifestyles during the novel coronavirus pandemic have settled in the consumption environment in Japan, and people have started to pick up trendy fashion in clothing. While prices have risen due to an increase in the cost of gasoline and food, it seems that this is leading to an advancement in selective consumption regardless of whether in bricks-and-mortar stores or online in clothing consumption behavior. Under these circumstances, the basic policy in our medium-term management plan is "Reborn." With this, we are aiming to create stores where customers can actually touch products, enjoy searching for the perfect item, and shop easily, and will work to enhance our product appeal and sales power.

FY2022, the second year of our medium-term management plan, is the "Reborn 2nd Stage. "We will focus our efforts on strengthening our business foundations and infrastructure and response to the future by further enhancing our product appeal and sales power for deliver "WAKUWAKU (excitement)" and "WANTS (desire for our items)" to our customers.

The Shimamura Group believes that creating a good company for employees, customers, business partners, shareholders, and society is the long-term mission of our management team. Keeping in mind our goal of building a "good company" for stakeholders, we will continue sincere management based on our philosophy.

April, 2022

SHIMAMURA Co. ,Ltd. President and Representative Director